You found us!

Hello there! Glad to see you here.

Do you hear crickets? Kinda boring here, huh? Yep. But this isn’t really meant to be a place with much content. There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes of this webpage though, so we like to keep it around. And people who get emails from this domain sometimes want to check out the root and find out what it’s all about. So we’re happy to point you to the places where we’ve got something to say or show.

The blogroll on the right shows our current collection of websites. The big news is, in addition to the personal blogs listed here now, there will soon be websites promoting and advertising our photography and videography side businesses as well. And maybe more in the future.

So thanks for dropping by. Sorry if it’s a let down for you, delighted if it’s not. No matter. Chin up. That’s where we like to keep ours.

Drop us a line via the contact page you see up at the top of this one if you’re needing to get in touch.

-Rob and Lauren

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